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Throw Rocks at Shit Throw Rocks at Shit

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good!

But the ending is very sad :( .

PS: Could you explain why the turds move ?

D-SuN responds:

The grass is very wet, the turd can slide along it.

The Arrow Of Time The Arrow Of Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!

guide to owning final boss : homing arrow level3 + piercing arrow lvl3 combo :D then just click click click . happy owning !

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Spewer Spewer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A great game !

With Nice graphics , excellent physics , challenging levels , medals ,and a level builder , spewer is probably the best game on newgrounds , truly a game of great quality .

To the people that have finished the game with all medals , or the people who got curious and want to check it out, heres something to entertain you , eNqNVlluGzEMvUoOoBQiqRX+CpB+FChawAfQK Xp/lKSWIV07qD0Zv0dxp2YUCBAw802+WNy1RV F+o5FAiBsc5ao4BspOVsWE8KkVr5WuwqlwSVt AL1zRKQUCudRXf7SDB1eXJMk1EwAxnNnKXYSi gbYYNiKNlHk1Tg1wRvDMCEku1Y3rr5piZ01w5 bHr2b2R1e5MloWfykNBPrcTx83QFGRDcaPnEK zVtRP+qWim39atBRdomZ6aVudojcxdxbTIFfT 8i+2qwPh+8r39uf/4+Pn28evz7fv9/vt+gxhv xPccUsw3ghyoYkghfstDGVdvWXEsOUaORctyd Sw7hv/LkvOSyhfM5ULNsfIFA8vQxUOXNTpNcB HAaYKrITrN6DSjyzraCNizY26tFcdsPKxO080 Ps2OudsTumNd0uSRnl5qLkF7H83YnQuVnsAaI SpLsSwpFSW5V51yXFT8TdE2IGToG1w7kxzRaB t2x2iwz+5hZ7q+Z6bT4LC5efbkGxcUze5XfH2 ZfMYNqGSXLkl/bdjl11WzKbti4n1Fe1O8wBJA 0eIA+8PKCGSBvvRxyeEcRb8hqSTT5Vy1IWBGk Lg8SN3N1IsSN8lpVtyLmmaqJulKTiUQRNEWcj lSYtxEnrg7LzDfjriiOVC5LwQRLLmHz1NeC51 GlTtPyKesr+bpRigfRQeXowZH1iZJms1C2SHx qH0XhELE7RBPbZcMsagbRkUxUDuobSVcWyge1 jVR3vQU3qruh4jhpv08WGlXT1nykMJm5jnEu0 k5+bx7ttNrHceMzLMrpyKe9HIdJ/l+SM6/KsY R98EQHRxn7w+dfYOkAkIeceAEK78EBdYDslAF plJGP/sA4oA9oow7zaXIjViMafwHQtfoG

This level took me a long time to make so please enjoy it , Thank you.

PS: If the author of this game read this , heres a question will you be making a level pack like you did for meatboy for this game ?

Color Strike Down Color Strike Down

Rated 5 / 5 stars


(No other words required)

sidenote: Playing with a tablet is really fun :D

Clinically Obese SMB Clinically Obese SMB

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One question ...

Y do i have to kill already dead turtles ?
anyways i wonder how peach looks ...

Space Pips Space Pips

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game but ...

-wellcome to cheaters hell T_T ?!?!?!!? that was meanie !!!!! (if you dont know what i mean then please dont rate this review as useless)

nonetheless a great game !

Artificial Junk (Old) Artificial Junk (Old)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Its alright i guess ...

Hers what i think of this game : the graphics r slightly ugly and dull , my tip : a well drawn animated background ; the enemies r good , and well drawn , much better than the background , but u went a little sloppy in the explosions animation and size , for example i sometimes found myself inside the explosion yet not getting damaged
and they are almost impossible to dodge if you are aiming for the bender trophy , specially wen your getting ganged up on by the shielded enemies that
reflect your beam , making it impossible to win , the solution for this big problem are many such as : making the bombs fall slower , less bomb dropping , more speed on yourself , etc ...
I cant really complain on it being extremely hard since i did get to wave 9 , but only after trying tons of combinations to get the perfect one , which still got killed on that wave the shield idea is good but makes the game harder for many people , sujestion : jump ability (just a little one so u can just dodge the beams reflected towards you) - or u can change the color or shape of the ones who use the shield for players to be prepared , you could also place some game setings to control sound , graphics , etc ... this game as tons of potential yet its thrown away by the small mistakes u made wich require fixing , i believe that should fix all those small little problems I and other people have mentione you could have aa front page quality game .

Monster Evolution Monster Evolution

Rated 3 / 5 stars

mehhh alright i guess ...

I see that you didnĀ“t even bother to "animate" the monsters : note that you did make their mouths and stuff and all but is it just me or did someone else see all those tweens ? seriously u could at least animate some of them properly, just redraw em insteand of just cutting them to pieces and then rotating them to desguise the fact u didnt animate them , and as for the ppl getting killed ... well the sound of them getting killed is good but ... the way their drawn and the graphics of this game r just not my tipe ... now this game as a really stupid thing, wich is the fact that some monsters r completely useless , i even found myself killing more ppl with a level 4 creature than of many of the 5 level ones and the first creatures , well at least 1 of them is completely useless and their powers r completly outbalanced , as one creature of the start does not possess any abilities it becomes completely worthless compared to other creatures . Even with all this the concept of the game is good.

My advice to make this game worth an actual 10/10 wold be to balance out the creatures , animate them better and improve the graphics of the overall enemies , and even perhaps make a monster " skill tree" in wich if u wold pick one it wold evolve to other 2 creatures that r similar to it but more powerfull , and create some more creature abilities for others that have no actual powers , such as spitting fire for the dragon and such , but for now this game deserves a 6/10.

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The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game (awsome pattern bellow)

really enjoyed the patterns u can make here , tried for a ton of time to make patterns that repetead themselves forever and i came up with this :P eNozMBgFwwQYIpFUUWcII6jgNpA5QAyhDPG6D gHp5z7izSPOfcT7l9ruo346GAWjADcAADttLH g=

squidsquid responds:

Nice one, that pattern is called a pulsar, I think there is one in the game (unless I removed it!)

Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

9 out of 10 due to a glitch

in the tower (on the first floor (after the ground floor)) if u jump to the right wile u pass to another screen (second floor) ul walk trough the wall and go into the tower without even gathering the keys !!! this can be really useful or really anoying for ppl who like the game to make sense when i first did it i was like wtf evil wizard that makes no sense ...